Research dissemination of UK and EC FP7 Framework Programme 7 projects

Research dissemination through video interviews and documentary.

Research dissemination

PublicSpace works with university researchers to disseminate academic and scientific research to inform policy, professional practice and debate.

PublicSpace is a collaboration of social science researchers and communication professionals, experienced in research, dissemination, professional education, public consultation, documentary video and multi-media communication.  We are independent, not-for-profit and based in the UK.

Our aim is to make the dissemination of research intellectually interesting and rewarding for the research team, and of practical value for society, economy and environment.  We adhere to a public-sector ethos and an ethical policy.


We work with you, rather than for you.  Disseminating research involves collaboration and dialogue to work out: (i) what is significant for policy and practice, (ii) what can be said from the evidence, and (iii) what is needed to make the research useable.

We deliberately work across disciplines, adopting the useful role of ‘semi-outsider’ to communicate a particular field, and bringing our understanding of issues in research and communication.  Our work is underpinned by insights and approaches from applied linguistics and the sociology of scientific knowledge.

Our services and expertise are explained on our main website.  We give examples of past and current work under three headings:

  • 'Knowledge Exchange'
    Interviews, presentations and discussion
  • Video production
    Video interviews presentations and documentary
  • Editing and

    Articles, reports and other texts

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PublicSpace is currently the second largest partner on a EC-FP7 Framework Seven project, and a named supplier on other projects.

We can be a partner or simply contracted.