An important European domain name for sale  is a premium, generic domain name for European Research dissemination.  It is for sale.

The dissemination of research findings is a requirement for research projects funded by the EC under the main Horizon 2020 funding.  (See HORIZON 2020 Work Programme 2016-2017 Dissemination, Exploitation and Evaluation.)

The possible research and public educational uses for this domain are therefore many, in Europe and beyond:

European nuclear research, European environmental science research, European computational and big data research, European social science research, European biological and health research, European arts and humanities research, and whatever specific fields of research you may be involved in.

Preference to sell to European Government and not-for-profit sectors working in the public interest.

Cost:  just £260 (approx €295) for the domain name.

To buy

To buy the domain, go to Ebay.

The transfer will be from Zen Internet - award-winning providers.

Transfer process:  After you purchase the domain on Ebay, you then set up the order with your provider.  Meanwhile I ask for a transfer authorisation code from Zen Internet.  Zen have sensible guys on the phone, and make transferring away from them simple, unlike some other companies.  (Alternatively, to keep the domain with Zen, simply transfer it to your own Zen account, and point the DNS to your web hosting wherever it is.)

I wish you every success in your research dissemination activities.

This amazing image is of a demonstration exhibit at CERN.  © Thomas Jurkowski at